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The PriSUD project has two primary sources of data used to highlight different aspects. The first source is the Norwegian Prison Registry, which holds information regarding all persons imprisoned in Norway. The data will be linked to several registries and databases, such as the Norwegian Patient Registry and the Norwegian Prescription Database in the sub-project named nPRIS.

Through extensive mapping using a questionnaire drug use and health-related information was collected in The Norwegian Offender Mental Health and Addiction Study (NorMA). The data laid the foundation for a report named “Drug use and health among inmates in Norwegian prisons” (the report is in Norwegian, but includes an English summary).

The main aim of the nPRIS-study is to evaluate the access to, and outcomes of, substance use treatment in Norwegian prisons. The data material available in nPRIS is a cohort comprising all persons released from prison during the years 2000 until 2017

Market Analysis

Evaluation of overdose prevention

Research has shown that the risk of overdose is extremely high in the time immediately following release. Based on the research, several overdose prevention programs have been initiated and evaluating these will be part of the PriSUD-project.


The main aim of the NorMA-study is to investigate drug use and health-related issues among prison inmates. In addition, the project aims to evaluate several post-release outcomes. The study is questionnaire-based.

User-based evaluation of WayBack​

The PriSUD-project group will support WayBack in collecting and analyzing the results of a user-based evaluation.

Funding from "Osloforskning"

"Osloforskning" is a collaboration between Oslo Kommune and the University of Oslo aiming to promote research with topics from Oslo.